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Testing Webservice with SoapUI Having Windows Authentication

Sometims SoapUI doesn't seem to work directly with NTLM authentication, but you can use a proxy such as Burp Suite to do the auth for you.

Following are the steps you can perform:

Burp Suite Configuration
    Download Burp Suite from and set it up.
    On Burp's "Proxy : Intercept" tab, click the button to turn intercept off.
    On Burp's "Proxy : Options" tab, make sure it's set to an unused port, the default is 8081
    On Burp's "Options" tab, tick "do www authentication" and add a setting for the server you wish to hit. Also tick "prompt for credentials on authentication failure"
    Switch to Burp's "Proxy : History" tab so you can see requests going through.

SoapUI Settings
    In SoapUI, choose File > Preferences, then select "Proxy Settings". Enter Host "localhost" and port "8081".
    Use SoapUI as normal. It will send requests thro…