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My Research on Cucumber

Introduction# Cucumber is a functional test automation tool for lean and agile teams. It supports behaviour-driven development, specification by example and agile acceptance

testing.The language that Cucumber understands is called Gherkin. You can use it to automate functional validation in a form that is easily readable and understandable

to business users, developers and testers. This helps teams create executable specifications, that are a goal for development, acceptance criteria and functional

regression checks for future changes. In this way, Cucumber allows teams to create living documentation, a single authoritative source of information on system

functionality that is always up-to-date. AN EXAMPLE:
Feature: Search courses
  In order to ensure better utilization of courses
  Potential students should be able to search for courses

  Scenario: Search by topic
    Given there are 240 courses which do not have the topic "biology"
    And there are 2 courses…