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Web Driver Interface Implementations

WebDriver is an interface to use for testing which represents web browser. Following is list of classes which implements WebDriver interface:
1.       AndroidDriver 2.       AndroidWebDriver 3.       ChromeDriver 4.       EventFiringWebDriver 5.       FirefoxDriver 6.       HtmlUnitDriver 7.       InternetExplorerDriver 8.       IPhoneDriver 9.       IPhoneSimulatorDriver 10.     RemoteWebDriver 11.     SafariDriver

How To Create Runnable Jar File in Selenium

1.   Right click on your project in eclipse    2.   Select Export    3.   Select [Java -> Runnable Jar file]    4.   Provide Export Location    5.   Click finish
Run generated .jar file from command prompt

Script will run on machine having desired Browser & Java.