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Cucumber With Ruby & Capybara

Feature File:
Feature: Automate Flipkart website

Scenario: Login for Flipkart
  Given I open browser and navigate to flipkart website
  Then I click on login Link
 Then I enter Email Id
 Then  I enter Password
  Then I click on Login Button
  Then I mouse over the user
  Then I click on Logout

Step Definition File Given(/^I open browser and navigate to flipkart website$/) do   visit '' end
Then(/^I click on login Link$/) do     find(:xpath, "//a[@href='']").click end
Then(/^I enter Email Id$/) do      fill_in 'login_email_id', :with => '' end
Then(/^I enter Password$/) do   fill_in 'login_password', :with => 'password' end
Then(/^I click on Login Button$/) do   click_button 'Login'   sleep(10) end
Then(/^I mouse over the user$/) do  element=find(:xpath,"//a[@href='']")   pag…