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Using Dictionary Objects in QTP

Dictionary Object stores data key, item pairs. A Dictionary object stores the items in the array. Each item is associated with a unique key. The key is used to retrieve an individual item and is usually an integer or a string, but can be anything except an array. Adavntages of using it in QTP: 1. can be used as Global variable declaration. so that any test can access the values from it in the run time. 2. You can store and retrive any number of run time values in to dictonary. 3. It is one of the Parameterization techique we can use in QTP Disadvantages: we can not specify the values in the desingn time like Datatable , Action parameters, environment variable. So it is useful only in Run time , not design time Methods: Add Method Adds a key and item pair to a Dictionary object. object.Add (key, item) Arguments object Required. Always the name of a Dictionary object. key Required. The key associated with the item being added.item Required. The item associated with the key being ad…